Op La La!

According to the legend, ‘Op La‘ is the Vietnamese phonetic version of the French ‘Oeufs au plat’ (=fried eggs). It is easily one of the most popular breakfasts in Vietnam.

A damn good version of this dish can be found at Banh Mi Hoa Ma. We arrived at the cafe on a busy Sunday at 10am and waited to be seated. Perhaps ‘cafe’ is a stretch… a dozen tables line each side of a narrow and frantic alleyway. Waiters dodge between motorbikes as they bring food to hungry customers, literally the true definition of street food.

After a short wait, we balanced our increasingly large Western posteriors on the tiny plastic chairs and placed our order. The piping hot ‘Op La‘ and its inseparable baguette companion arrived, served with sides of pâté with mayonnaise and pickled vegetables.
Two ‘oeufs au plat’ are served with ham, pork, fried tofu, onions – a winning recipe for a killer breakfast to rival a full English.

IN SHORT – Start the day at Banh Mi Hoa Ma with this Vietnamese power breakfast, definitely one the best in town!

Price: 52,000 Dong / £1.4 / 1.7€ / $1.9
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Banh Mi Hoa Ma
Opening times: Everyday from 6am to 11am


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