Saucy Saigon Banh Mi

It’s safe to say we’d had our fair share of mediocre Banh Mi since the delights of Hoi An. Even the most popular stalls in Ho Chi Minh had been disappointing, that was until we arrived at Banh Mi 37 Nguyen Trai.

This tiny street stall, which opens only for a few hours from late afternoon, makes their sandwiches with a twist. Instead of piling a mountain of cold meats inside, customers are treated to a filling of juicy pork sliders, fresh herbs and salad, all covered with a magical sweet, smoky, teriyaki-like sauce.

The meat is grilled before your eyes, mouthed watering smells hang in the air and the queues of locals wait impatiently, tantalisingly close to their sandwiches. After trying, we agree the wait is 100% worth it!

IN SHORT – An original take on Banh Mi, skip the most popular shops and head straight here. A steal at 20,000 Dong – our Saigon sandwich winner.

(Tip: sometimes the stand is tucked down the alleyway, just make sure you come at the right time.)

Price: 20,000 Dong / £1.4 / 1.7€ / $1.9
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Banh Mi 37 Nguyen Trai
Opening times: Mon-Sat from 4 to 9pm, closed on Sun


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