Banh Cuon, or the perfect starter

We must admit, Banh Cuon is a full on dish and not just a starter, but it is so light (heavy in flavours, though!) that we had to have another dinner afterwards…

‘Bánh cuốn’ is a typical dish from Northern Vietnam – like we noticed for a lot of South East Asian food, it is very often regional. The dish consists of a very thin layer of steamed fermented rice batter with a treasure inside: ground pork, mushrooms and minced shallots. The dipping sauce that comes with it brings everything together and adds a delicious sweetness to the meal.

It is so delicate and light that you could seriously have a dozen before feeling completely full. To consume without moderation!

IN SHORT – An unmissable dish from the North of Vietnam, to have for breakfast, lunch, as a starter, or any time of the day…

Price: 45,000 Dong / £1.5 / 1.7€ / $2
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Bánh Cuốn Thanh Vân
Opening times: Everyday 7am-1pm, then 5-11pm


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