The last taste of Vientiane

For our last night in Laos, we decided to treat ourselves to a slightly fancy restaurant. In South East Asia though, paying double (often triple) for the same dish you can easily get on the street does not mean it will be twice as tasty. With this in mind, we finished our overpriced beers and left the restaurant bar for the main city night market close to the Mekong, stopping at a stand with literally 4 tables outside a supermarket.

After a short wait for a free table, we sat down and ordered the Fried Suki, a very typical Lao dish usually flavoured with coconut, fermented tofu, peanuts, garlic, lime, and spices. Price: 15,000 Kip.

From the first bite, we realised neither of us wanted to share and literally (literally…) fought over each little mouthful of food. The dish was light and incredibly moreish. We  had opted for the chicken version, though it is often served with beef. All of the 5 items listed on the menu were priced at 15,000 Kip and we had to seriously resist ordering them all.

IN SHORT – Once again in Vientiane, we took a chance and it worked out amazingly! Another lucky place in Vientiane here.

Price: 15 000 Lao Kip / £1.3 / 1.5€ / $1.8
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: The tables in front of the M-Point Mart 🙂
Opening times: Not sure at all!



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