The lucky find for delicious local food

It was 2pm in Vientiane and 35 degrees celsius. So far our search for lunch wasn’t going to plan – the two places we had researched didn’t look up to scratch and we were both a sweaty, hungry mess. So when we spotted a fairly crowded local cafe, we decided it was worth a shot.

We were given the five item menu and almost everything was at 15,000 Kip. Two of the dishes had already run out, which we actually didn’t mind as it showed the food was both fresh and popular! After overcoming a few language barriers with some help from a kind local on the next table, we finally managed to order the simply titled ‘Pork with rice’ and ‘Spicy Noodle’, both 15,000 Kip.

The food arrived pretty quickly and the pork dish instantly reminded us of Chiang Mai’s amazing street food cowgirl. This dish was just as tasty, beautifully cooked meat that fell apart in your mouth and packed with juicy flavours. The spicy noodle dish was exactly that, as spicy as it was tasty and an absolute treat (thank goodness for Beer Lao!). Surprises like these are often the best when searching the great food on the road!

IN SHORT – Sometimes, taking a chance on an unknown local place can be the perfect choice and a food revelation!

Price: 15 000 Lao Kip / £1.3 / 1.5€ / $1.8
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Lao name meaning (apparently) “Chichen and chicken with rice”
Opening times: Not sure at all!


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