Late-night noodle delight at Nang Ae

After an uninspiring trip to the night market, we were heading back towards our guesthouse trying decide if a ‘double-dinner’ was on the cards. At that moment, we noticed an enticing open kitchen on the corner of a quiet street in front of us. The handful of outdoor tables were already full of locals and tourists, but when the owner saw us, she smiled then immediately cleared space at the family table just for us…we couldn’t refuse!

Things got even better when we saw the small menu – most dishes were priced at just 15,000 Kip. We ordered the best comfort food we could think of: Khao Soi. At least that’s what we thought…the noodle soup that arrived was missing the tomatoes and chopped herbs of the Lao-style Khao Soi we had tried previously, but frankly it was so delicious that we regretted ordering just the one to share. The lime, beansprouts and fresh herbs served with the dish helped bring all of the elements together: saltiness, spiciness and sweetness.

Whether this was a different version of Khao Soi or another noodle dish, it was just as souper as any other we’d tried (sorry…).

IN SHORT – The issue with Lao food is that even when you’re not that hungry, you just can’t resist! Moral of the story – always double dinner.

Price: 15 000 Lao Kip / £1.3 / 1.5€ / $1.8
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Nang Ae Restaurant
Opening times: Google doesn’t seem to know…


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