Grandma’s Pancakes

The town of Pai in Northern Thailand is lovely, but very (very) westernised! It is certainly more challenging to find authentic Thai food here, even at the famous night market on Pai’s Walking Street.

However, a small miracle occured: while walking through the falafels, burgers and garlic breads, we noticed an old Thai lady making pancakes and couldn’t resist the call for some sweet treats.

Firstly, what a pleasure to watch her making them for you! The love she puts into cooking could definitely remind you of your own Grandma.
But the magic really starts to happen when she serves you the piping hot pancakes in a palm leave boat. While we weren’t strictly sure that it was a traditional Thai dessert, we had a feeling that they wouldn’t taste like the ones back home…

We weren’t wrong: the delicious coconuty / banana pancake mix was without a doubt one of the tastiest we’ve had. Those ten little guys, topped with the perfect amount of chocolate spread, were destroyed in exactly 1 minute. Priced at only 50 baht… more please!

Price: 50 baht / £1 / 1.3€ / $1.5
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Pai Walking Street – Night Market
Opening times: Evenings 5pm-10pm


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