The Cowgirl and The Pork Legs

If there was only one face to represent street food in Chiang Mai, the Cowgirl would be the undoubted winner.

Located at the Chang Phueak market near the city’s north gate, the queues make it impossible to miss the Khao Kha Moo Chang Phueak stand. That, of course, and the charming lady herself wielding a cleaver behind mountains of slow cooked pork.

But while there is flair and a certain celebrity status to the chef, it’s the signature stewed pork legs, or Khao Kha Moo, that are the real stars of the show.

Simply served over rice with a boiled egg and optional sides of pickled mustards greens, Thai garlic and chillies, the delicious pork meat is unbelievably tender, and melts in your mouth.

For only 30 baht a plate, this flavour-packed dish is simply unmissable.

IN SHORT – A street food headliner in Chiang Mai for good reason, the famous Cowgirl stole our hearts and stomachs all at once.

Price: 30 bhat / £0.70 / 0.80€ / $1
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Chang Phueak Gate Market
Opening times: Evenings from 5pm until late


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