Ridiculously cheap and tasty currys in Chiang Mai

On the advice of a cool Tasmanian couple, we were back at Chiang Mai Gate market looking for dinner. We can’t be sure we found the recommended stall, but the vendor was a cheerful lady who, after taking our order, simply told us to ‘Sit’.

Not long after, our food was brought over and we dived in. At just 30 baht a plate, we weren’t expecting the world, yet these two dishes were arguably our favourite of the trip so far (seriously, how can a 70p dinner taste this good?!)

The spicy pork curry was rich and the meat incredibly tender, while the green curry with chicken was light and fragrant but still had a wonderful heat.

A quick smile with ‘Aroy!’ (Thai for delicious) meant our second portion was even more generous than the first. When it’s this good, it’s almost rude not to have more!

IN SHORT – Never underestimate Thai food. Even if it’s ridiculously cheap, it will likely be ridiculously tasty.

Price: 30 bhat / £0.70 / 0.80€ / $1
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: End of Chiang Mai Gate Market 
Opening times: Evenings from 5pm until late


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