The ultimate Mango Sticky Rice in Chiang Mai

Mango sticky rice is one the most popular desserts in Thailand for a very good reason. While the name of the dish is deceptively simple, the combined elements result in a surprisingly sophisticated treat.

You can find great examples everywhere in Chiang Mai for around 50 baht (don’t get one for more!) but we were blown away by a particularly delicious one. This tiny local stand was so small that we walked by twice without realising it was the right place! There are some tables outside shared with a nearby hotel where you can sit down and enjoy the moment. A very good looking version of this dessert arrived and without a doubt, was the best we’ve had so far.

It was an explosion of textures and different flavours: the warm sticky rice topped with crunchy roasted mung beans, the juicy cold mango that was probably fresh straight off the tree above us and the sweet and salty coconut sauce that brought everything together. As peculiar as it sounds, it was one of the tastiest dessert we’ve had!

IN SHORT – If you’re looking for a local sweet treat, go there! You will most probably go back 🙂

Price: 50 baht / £1 / 1.3€ / $1.5
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Mango Sticky Rice Stand
Opening times: 10am-5pm everyday


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