Mouth-watering Pad Thai in Chiang Mai

Is there a more famous dish from Thailand?

After an 11 hour train ride from Bangkok the previous night that ended in a particularly average tourist restaurant, we were desperate for some authentic street food again.

We decided to explore the bustling Chiang Mai gate market, where hungry locals and tourists alike are spoilt for choice. It was here, just inside the city walls next to a large seating area, that we noticed one stall was very busy serving Pad Thai.

Now we had enjoyed several plates of the Thai staple on our trip so far, but the flavours in this one were particularly great – a moreish combination of sweet and savoury with fresh garnishes and a little kick of chilli. Delicious and definitely worth checking out, especially at only 45 baht a plate.

IN SHORT – Chiang Mai’s markets are a street food paradise and this Pad Thai is one of the best amongst them.

Price: 45 bhat / £1 / 1.1€ / $1.4
Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Location: Chiang Mai Gate Market
Opening times: Evenings from 5pm until late


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